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Snap Healthcare is working for you 24/7, assuring physicals and drug screens are being delivered in a fraction of the time.

Snap Healthcare offers a service system to Occupational Medicine Clinics that transforms how you document and deliver physicals to employers. Accessible to both the employer and Human Resources, our system is ready with documentation to complete physical, drug screens, covid testing, or vaccines – including reporting to state agencies. Deliver results through portals and automated email and testing. Reduce your staff supporting employer services by 75%.

Documentation, Delivery & Data Management

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One Size Fits All When Managing
Occupational Medicine Services

Now offering employers and clinics complete automation.  We’re working for you 24/7 assuring physicals and drug screens are being delivered in a fraction of the time… an employee may go home, but we keep reporting 24/7 365 days a year.

Self-Managed Portals

Manage your own account with unlimited admin and employee user accounts

Physicals & Drug Screens

Order physicals and/or drug screens from your portal, ensuring accuracy

Automated Notifications

Notify new applicants where and when to report for their physicals

Online Access for Applicants & Employees

Allow applicants and employees to pre-register and complete their intake forms on-line

what’s been done and what’s left to do!

See real-time status and completion of each step of the physical

No More Calling the Clinic

Be notified by text and/or email the moment an employee is cleared

On-demand Clearance Reports

Generate on-demand clearance reports with all required tests attached

Keep Employees Informed

Send optional notifications to employees for selected results (such as COVID-19 results)

Monitor and report on employee compliance

Access all previous tests, results, and history

No More Waiting Around

Get employees started or back to work in as little as 24 hours

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