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COVID-19, Physical & Drug Screen Tracking

Snap Healthcare’s Employer Health Solutions are working for you 24/7, assuring physicals, drug screens, and COVID-19 reports are being delivered in a fraction of the time. 

The Snap Healthcare system is a HIPPA compliant health reporting tool for Employers & Human Resources that offers a service system that transforms how you document and deliver health results.  Accessible to both the employer and Human Resources, and ready with documentation to complete physical, drug screens, COVID-19 testing, or vaccines – including reporting to state agencies. Deliver results through portals and automated email and testing. Reduce your staff supporting employer services by 75%.

Documentation, Delivery & Data Management

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One Size Fits All When Managing
Employer Health

Now offering employers and clinics complete automation.  We’re working for you 24/7 assuring physicals and drug screens are being delivered in a fraction of the time… an employee may go home, but we keep reporting 24/7 365 days a year.

Self-Managed Portals

Manage your own account with unlimited admin and employee user accounts

Physicals & Drug Screens

Order physicals and/or drug screens from your portal, ensuring accuracy

Automated Notifications

Notify new applicants where and when to report for their physicals

Online Access for Applicants & Employees

Allow applicants and employees to pre-register and complete their intake forms on-line

what’s been done and what’s left to do!

See real-time status and completion of each step of the physical

No More Calling the Clinic

Be notified by text and/or email the moment an employee is cleared

On-demand Clearance Reports

Generate on-demand clearance reports with all required tests attached

Keep Employees Informed

Send optional notifications to employees for selected results (such as COVID-19 results)

Monitor and report on employee compliance

Access all previous tests, results, and history

No More Waiting Around

Get employees started or back to work in as little as 24 hours

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