Automated Emails and Texts for Employee Health Tracking

Did you know that 90 percent of American consumers like text messages more than phone calls? This is also true when it comes to COVID-19 testing and reporting.

The world is changing and instant messaging and emails have evolved beyond their initial purpose. Now, these technological advancements are becoming the backbone of countless businesses and industries.

COVID-19 woke up businesses worldwide to the importance of automated notifications for employees and COVID-19. If this applies to you, then don’t look away. This guide will fill you in on the benefits of automated emails and texts. 

Save Time and Money

Effective time management is the cornerstone of every business. With this in mind, delays can cost you a great deal of time and money. This also happens to be an area where automated emails and texts shine. 

Companies around the world are adopting this format for many reasons. One is that it accelerates communication speeds between you and your patients or employees. 

For example, employee health tracking and reporting is much simpler with automated messaging. A bonus is that prescription orders are also streamlined with them.  

How to Make COVID Testing Much Easier

COVID-19 led to the establishment of new methods of contact tracing. It’s for this reason that no one can deny that the effectiveness of automated communication for COVID-19 testing.

By March 7th, the United States administered over 300 million Covid-19 tests. What you may not know is that this process was made faster through automated messaging. For example, many of these test appointments and results were communicated through automated texts and emails. 

Incorporating automated notifications is crucial for any employer or physician who wants to ensure the safety of their employees and patients. 

If you’re a clinic or testing center, then you know that a short amount of time can mean the difference between life and death. This is why is critical to have an effective solution in place to fit your institution’s needs.  

Automated Emails and Texts Help When Hiring

Some challenges can hamper the employment screening process like pre-employment physical delays. The good news is that texts and emails allow you as an employer to keep better tabs on the results. 

Besides being an effective way to record and capture data, automated emails and texts have other benefits too. These include being an excellent way to have drug screen notifications at the ready. 

Employee health trafficking and monitoring is an important step when hiring new employees. It’s for this reason that it shouldn’t be held back by slow notification times. 

Everything is Changing, and So Should Your Communication

Automated emails and texts are at the forefront of business and medical communication.

Whether you work as a health care provider, clinician, or in Human Resources, automated notifications can make your job easier. So why would you hold off on gaining the edge you and your associates need? 

Learn more about our automated communication tools. Request your demo today, and be operational tomorrow.